Actor Kevin Costner has revealed how he left Yellowstone and may have breached confidentiality in a case that could end up in court. In a recent child support hearing during his divorce from Christine Costner, the actor said he would sue for his departure from the popular TV show.

Sources in court said Kevin spoke of his finances and income over the previous few years. His wife of 23 years wants $161,592 per month in child support to give their three children an above-average lifestyle when they are not with him. Kevin took home around $19 million a year, mostly for his role on Yellowstone. He believes past income should have no bearing on future child support payments.

Kevin said he had already plotted Seasons 5 and 6 of Yellowstone and had negotiated a fee of $12 million for each season. But part two of Season 5 ran into script delays, which led to negotiations with the studio fizzling in February and May.

He blamed “creative differences” for the breakdown.

“It’s a little disappointing that the number one show on television is not shooting,” he said. “I’ll probably sue over it. I’m disappointed in our production.”

While Christine’s attorney felt her standard of living should be higher than what she has now that they are divorced, Kevin argued her rented house was no match for his beachfront property, and emotional remarks about their relationship came out during testimony.

A judge could rule soon on the divorce, but Kevin seems bent on settling his exit from Yellowstone legally.

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