A 65-year-old security guard was killed at the Mathur toll plaza after being hit by a container truck on the evening of Tuesday, October 3, 2023. The Red Hills Traffic Investigation wing police have filed a case and arrested the driver of the truck, who initially fled the scene.

A senior official of the Avadi Police Commissionerate said Jaiprakash, a resident J.J. Nagar in Manali, was working as a security guard involved in regulating traffic at the Mathur toll plaza. On Tuesday evening, Jaiprakash was regulating vehicles when he saw a speeding truck proceeding towards the toll plaza. When he tried to stop it, the truck driver took a sudden turn and hit him. The security guard was thrown a few metres away and was killed on the spot. 

Staff at the toll plaza rushed to stop the truck, but it sped off. They alerted the police control room, and the truck was detained near the Madhavaram roundtana by the Madhavaram traffic patrol team. 

The Red Hills traffic investigation wing police sent the body of Jaiprakash to the Government Stanley hospital for a post-mortem examination. The truck driver, Prabhu of Tirukoilur, was arrested.

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