Alleged lovers Raveena and Manichandra caught cheating in Bigg Boss Tamil 7?

In every season of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ so far fans have witnessed love blossoming between some of the contestants. The most notable examples are Oviya – Aarav, Kavin – Losliya and Aamir – Pavni. While the other two split up after the show ended Amir and Pavni are still going strong and are even living together with their respective families in the same house.

As far as ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ is concerned it is said that the young contestants actress Raveena Daha and dance master Manichandra are already romantically involved and have entered the show together. It is expected that there will be no dearth of romance in the house.

Raveena and Mani got to business almost instantly and their public show of affection has been caught on camera. A clip of Raveena biting Mani’s hand and then kissing it has already gone viral. At the same time the couple have also been accused of violating ‘Bigg Boss’ rules. In one of the clips there is a moment where Mani writes something on Raveena’s hand saying that he is not allowed to tell out secrets and Raveena is also seen reading it. Netizens are questioning whether Kamal will condemn this when he appears on the show on Saturday this week.

In other instances the noisy Cool Suresh is seen giving advice to the quiet Jovika,while Pradeep Anthony is often spotted arguing with everybody. On top of this Bigg Boss has also aggressively sent six contestants to the Little Bigg Boss house as punishment. Lets see how the game is going to be played out henceforth.

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