After a stunning victory against New Zealand in Dharamshala, the Indian Cricket Team is gearing up for their next challenge against England. With an impressive record of five consecutive wins in the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, the team has earned a well-deserved two-day break before they face off against the English squad. However, it seems that the team management has some stern rules in place to ensure their players stay in the best possible condition.

Struggling to come to terms with his side’s crushing defeat to Australia, Virat Kohli took time out to go trekking across the Pune wicket.

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A Break Amidst Glory

Having tasted success on the cricket pitch, the Indian team was granted a precious two-day break in the picturesque town of Dharamshala. The break aims to rejuvenate the players, setting them up for their upcoming clash against England, scheduled for October 29th in Lucknow. With a week’s gap between the two matches, it’s the perfect opportunity for the players to unwind and soak in the stunning natural beauty of Dharamshala.

Trekking Dreams Dashed

However, the players’ dreams of trekking in the enchanting hills of Dharamshala have been dashed by the team management. Many of them were excited about the prospect of trekking in the scenic town, but the management has sternly prohibited any such adventure, especially during the crucial phase of the World Cup.

The decision, it appears, is rooted in the management’s commitment to safeguarding the players. With a major tournament underway, the board and management are determined to avoid any unnecessary risks that might lead to player injuries. Additionally, the security of the players in a location as popular as Dharamshala for trekking is a significant concern.

Paragliding Also Off-Limits

The restrictions don’t stop at trekking; Indian players are also barred from indulging in another adventurous activity – paragliding. Engaging in paragliding during the series could potentially violate the player contracts, adding to the list of activities off-limits for the cricketers during their free time.

The Message is Clear

It’s evident that the team management is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the Indian Cricket Team is in the best possible shape for their World Cup campaign. With five wins in five matches, the team is poised for greatness and eager to exact revenge on England after a humbling defeat in the T20 World Cup last year.

A Golden Opportunity

Beyond vengeance, Team India has a golden opportunity to thwart England’s semi-final hopes in the World Cup 2023. England finds itself languishing at the bottom of the points table with just one win in four games. To stand a chance at qualifying for the knockout round, England must win all their remaining matches, including the one against India.

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