Aishu ADS, one of the younger contestants of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ initially won the hearts of the fans for her bubbly attitude and friendly nature. However as the days went by she befriended Nixen and they started behaving like a couple exhibiting public display of affection.

Among other things netizens condemned Aishu of remaining silent even when Nixen crossed the line several times. On top of that she shocked Pradeep by red carding him in favor of the Maya group, which accused him of being a threat to women.

After that, Aishu is said to have lost her individuality as she came under the complete control of Maya and Purnima gang. In this situation, Aishu’s mother Shyji has put up an emotional post on her social media.

Shyiji has written sharing a photograph of her daughter Aishu looking lost in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house ‘Realise everything and be your own Aishu, we wish to see our Aishu and not this one !!!. Wish you will realise the real eyes and real lies !!!

Netizens are also posting in the comment section in support of her mother and urging Aishu to return to her usual self. Aishu’s father Ashraf and foster brother Amir have also given YouTube interviews that the Nixen influence is affecting the gameplay of Aishu.

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