Netizens’ viral video about best TV show host: Kamal Haasan Vs Gopinath

We all know that Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan faced backlash after Pradeep was evicted from Bigg Boss 7. When Maya and her Bully gang complained that they were feeling unsafe around Pradeep, Kamal Haasan eliminated him without giving him a chance to explain his side.

Fans even found video proof that Maya, Poornima and others pre-planned to make false allegations against Pradeep. Kamal Haasan, in the Diwali weekend episodes, not apologised why he wasn’t given a chance for Pradeep though there was proof that he was falsely accused.

Now, the netizens are comparing Gopinath, the host of the Neeya Naana show, with Kamal Haasan. In a viral video, Gopinath was seen apologizing to a woman publicly in the show when the flaw was on the channel’s side. The fans criticise Kamal for not being a fair judge and for not admitting the flaws on his side. Some even want Gopinath to host the Bigg Boss henceforth.

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