Bully gang players caught in this week’s double eviction? - Hot details

Bigg Boss Season 7 is now running past 50 days. We already informed you that three previously evicted players are coming back to the game this weekend as the showrunners have decided to have a double eviction this time. We hear that two contestants from the bully gang are going out.

Maya, Akshaya, Mani, Archana, Raveena, Vichitra, Poornima and Bravo were the 8 contestants nominated this week. Reportedly, Bravo, Akshaya, Maya and Poornima are in the danger zone with the least number of votes. As per the sources, Akshaya and Poornima will be evicted by Kamal Haasan on Sunday. This news is now going viral on the internet.

It is said that Vijay Varma, Ananya Rao and Vinusha will be the players who are re-entering the house as wild cards. This is a smart move by the showrunners to maintain the balance of power in the Bigg Boss house even if two members of the bully gang were evicted. We have to wait and see if these two are evicted this week.

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