Soori meets Udhayanidhi Stalin after Sivakarthikeyan and Vishnu Vishal - Deets inside

As four districts, including Chennai, have been heavily affected due to Cyclone Michaung, celebrities from the film industry are generously donating flood relief funds. Actors Sivakarthikeyan and Vishnu Vishal met Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin to donate money to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.

Now, the latest is that actor Soori met Udhayanidhi Stalin and handed over a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs for the same. Soori made this contribution on behalf of himself and his Madurai Amman Restaurant. Udhay shared this on his social media with a picture of Soori handing over the cheque. This is now doing rounds on the internet.

Udhayanidhi wrote, “To support the Michaung storm-heavy rain relief work being carried out by the Tamil Nadu government, many people are providing financial support with social concern. In that sense, the film actor and brother @sooriofficial and his Madurai Amman Restaurant presented a cheque of Rs. 10 lakh to the ‘Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s General Relief Fund’ for flood relief works. My love and gratitude to him.”

தமிழà¯à®¨à®¾à®Ÿà¯ அரச௠மேறà¯à®•à¯Šà®£à¯à®Ÿà¯ வரà¯à®®à¯ மிகà¯à®œà®¾à®®à¯ பà¯à®¯à®²à¯ – கன மழை நிவாரணப௠பணிகளà¯à®•à¯à®•à¯ தà¯à®£à¯ˆ நிறà¯à®•à®¿à®©à¯à®± வகையிலà¯, சமூக அகà¯à®•à®±à¯ˆà®¯à¯à®Ÿà®©à¯ பலரà¯à®®à¯ நிதியà¯à®¤à®µà®¿ அளிதà¯à®¤à¯ வரà¯à®•à®¿à®©à¯à®±à®©à®°à¯. அநà¯à®¤ வகையிலà¯, திரைபà¯à®ªà®Ÿ நடிகர௠சகோதரர௠@sooriofficial மறà¯à®±à¯à®®à¯ மதà¯à®°à¯ˆ à®…à®®à¯à®®à®©à¯ உணவகம௠சாரà¯à®ªà®¿à®²à¯ ரூ.10 லடà¯à®šà®¤à¯à®¤à¯à®•à¯à®•à®¾à®© காசோலையை வெளà¯à®³â€¦

— Udhay (@Udhaystalin) December 14, 2023

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