EXPLAINED: What Are Electra Stumps Introduced In BBL Which Change Colours At Different Events During Match; Watch Electra Stumps. (Image: X)

Cricket Australia are known to be the pathbreakers when it comes to bringing the innovation in cricket. Whether it is about using flip of the bats to decide which teams will bat first or using the spidercams to improve the broadcast of a cricket match, Australia have been the pioneers. The new season in Big Bash League is seeing a new addition to the list of incredible innovations in cricket. For the first time, the world of cricket will see Electra Stumps.

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What Electra Stumps? How do they help?

The Electra Stumps were used in the Women’s Big Bash Legaue (WBBL). But they were used for the first time in BBL in the match between Sydney Sixers and Adelaide Strikers. Speaking about the introduction of these stumps, former Australia batter and commentator Mark Waugh said that these stumps are a christmas gift to the fans and cricketers. 

What these stumps do is flash five difference colours on five different events that take place on the field. Each colour different for a dismissal, fours, sixes no ball and change of overs. When a batter is dismissed, for example, the stumps will all three sticks will flash red and fire. In case a boundary is hit, the stumps will flash colour shift (different colours being flash one after another). If it is a six, then stumps will show colours scrolling, just how it happens in lights during Diwali. 

When it is a no-ball, the colours which will be flashed are red and white. And when the over is completed, Electra Stumps will flash purple and blue.

While these colourful stumps will definitely improve the fan exeperience at the ground, they are also going to be quite handy for the spectators at the ground, who sometimes find it difficult to track the developments in the middle. The change of colours can help some fans understanthe proceedings better. 

Cricket broadcast and coverage has come a long distance. There were days when cricket was played in whites with a red ball but Kerry Packer changed it all with introducer of coloured jerseys. Cricket World Cup 1992 in Australia became the first big tournament that had teams wearing the coloured jerseys and because it was a huge success and added more colour to the shorter formats, the trend stayed.

Today,  technolofy advancement has changed the broadcast of the game while also helping the match to continue in a smooth manner. It will be interesting to see what more techonology has in store for fans of cricket.

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