Did Nixen cheat in the ticket to finale task? Will Kamal Haasan address this issue?

The ticket to the finale tasks are going on at a full pace in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7. Now, the show’s fans are accusing Nixen of cheating in these tasks and slamming him. The netizens are claiming this with a recent video from Bigg Boss as proof.

Bigg Boss announced a ticket to the finale task yesterday in which each contestant will pick a card and move according to it. Whoever reaches the bunny doll first will be the winner. Nixen was close to the bunny in the task and he picked the card with number two precisely and won it. But netizens posted a video and said that Nixen marked the cards earlier.

The video shows Nixen tampering with the card while Maya and Vijay Varma stand beside him. While many say that he cheated, some are still supporting Nixen that he wasn’t tampering with cards but the social media users are twisting what really happened. We must wait and see if Kamal Haasan clarifies this confusion in the weekend episode.

— Sekar ð• (@itzSekar) December 27, 2023

— Sekar ð• (@itzSekar) December 27, 2023

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