The mysterious ‘Ayya’ and Jai’s nine-week search for judicial glory finally comes to a halt as Arunraja Kamaraj drops the last episode of his web series, Label. Did Badalam have any chances against the Aiya group, who were notorious for showing no mercy to rival groups? Did Jai overcome the roadblocks en route to becoming a judge? Buckle yourself up! Here comes the final episode that brings satisfying answers and a triumphant end.

‘Label’ had us hooked on its gripping portrayal of label clashes happening in North Chennai, where two rival powers’ the Badalam and the Ayya groups’ were struggling in a merciless tug of war. Veera and Kumar, the pawns initially in this game, rose to prominence under the wing of Ayya, with Jai left entangled in a web of deceit and manipulation. However, his resolve to guide Veera and Kumar on the right path revealed a shocking truth: that the ‘Ayya’ was behind everything.

In the final episode, Jai unleashes his legal prowess and files 167 cases against the elusive Ayya, forcing him out of the shadows. The viewers’ curiosity, which has been building over weeks, is finally satisfied as the identity of Ayya is unveiled. However, the story doesn’t end here. Jai’s personal journey takes a major turn as he breaks the shackles that forbid him from reaching his destination—to become a judge. The scene where he finally sits on the judge’s chair symbolizes the literal achievement of justice.

‘Label’s’ finale delivers on its promise of intrigue, action, and personal transformation. With riveting plotlines that captured our fancy, the series held us at our edge of seats even as they sensitively captured the social nuances of North Chennai as well as the existential struggles that hapless individuals waged there. With its satisfying ending with Jai’s hard-earned win, ‘Label’ left an impression, remaining still even when push comes to shove and reminding us that justice can still prevail.

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