If the tension in the Premier League match between his team Liverpool and Newcastle was not enough, Jurgen Klopp was taken over by anxiousness of losing his wedding ring as soon as the game ended at Monday. Liverpool beat Newcastle 4-2 to open ip a three-point lead in the championship. Klopp was clapping when he realised that the wedding ring was missing in his finger.

The Liverpool manager began his search for the precious belonging and looked very tensed and anxious. Klopp, who is usually very animated on the field, looked very desperate to find the ring. To his great luck, he found the ring all thanks to a TV cameraperson locating it in the middle of the pitch at Anfield.

A relieved Klopp showed the ring to the cameras and said, “I had a massive shock. but it’s back.”

After congratulating his players, Klopp was going to the fans when he found out that his ring was missing. He searched in the grass before asking a steward to help him find the ring. It was then a TV crew informed him where he was and a relieved Klopp got it back eventually.

Klopp losing his wedding ring whilst celebrating _ pic.twitter.com/X6eSRQiVEA
— DB (@Kloppholic) January 1, 2024

‘Oh my God, that would have been really awful,” Klopp said. “I lost it once in my life — I needed a professional diver because it was in the sea.

“From time to time when I lose one or two kilos, it’s not the right fit anymore.”

Coming to the match, Liverpool will be happy with result. Mohamed Salah departed for the Africa Cup of Nations after a standout display for Liverpool in their 4-2 victory against Newcastle. This win propelled Liverpool to a three-point lead in the English Premier League on Monday. Salah’s performance began with a missed penalty but concluded with him scoring Liverpool’s opening and closing goals, contributing to the other two goals in a frenzied match at Anfield played in challenging, rainy conditions. All four goals were scored in a thrilling second half characterized by constant attacking play from both teams.

“I said to myself, ‘Are you going to leave for the national team with that performance? Not really,'” Salah said, referring to his penalty failure in the 22nd minute. “I just had to step up. “When I felt like it was playing with my head, I was like, ‘OK, I change.’ Make my mind calm, focus on the game.”

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