Chloé Lukasiak has a lot to be proud of as she completed a major milestone recently. In a post shared to Instagram on Wednesday, the

Dance Moms



, 22, looked back on her time at

Pepperdine University

as she celebrated her graduation.
Chloe is filled with happiness and excited for finally being graduated and shared several pictures and videos on her Instagram handle.

She even penned down a long note expressing her gratitude towards the same.
She shared a picture of herself from her campus and wrote, “The first photo is from my last week of school ever & the second is from the campus tour I took a year before I started college, I’m not one for sentimental posts, I’m typically very private, but it’s a moment I want to acknowledge.”
She further wrote, “experienced a lot since I was 9,” Lukasiak admitted that she went into school with the “mindset” that “college was an unnecessary challenge.” “I threatened to drop out on the weekly for the past four years, but all in all, I am truly so thankful for this experience, I developed a true love for learning, I had professors who shaped me, made incredible friends, and grew in ways I never expected. Maybe one day I’ll go for my masters but for the moment, that’s a wrap on school. Now it’s time for the next chapter and I’m really, REALLY excited for what’s to come


Chloe rose to fame as a child actress on Dance Moms, where she traveled to compete in various dance competitions under the tutelage of

Abby Lee Miller

. She participated in the


show’s first four seasons before eventually returning in the later half of season.

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