Karunas lodges defamation complaint against the politician and Youtubers for slander comments

Politician AV Raju caused a stir when he made a defamatory statement about actress Trisha, which also involves actor Karunas. Despite AV Raju’s public apology following a heavy backlash, Trisha sent a legal notice to him seeking compensation and an unconditional apology.

In this regard, it was reported yesterday that actor Karunas lodged a complaint at the Chennai Commissioner’s office to take legal action against AV Raju for spoiling his name with slanderous comments. AV Raju’s statement referred to Karunas as a pimp. Now, the latest is that Karunas has filed a case against Youtubers who insist on the same.

Karunas in his new complaint said that some people are spreading misinformation about him without any evidence on YouTube and requested legal action to be taken against them. It is said that he made the complaint against people like Bayilvan Ranganathan. He condemned them for tarnishing his reputation in his complaint.

Karunas also said that he was deeply disturbed by this and asked the officials to take appropriate action and take down such malicious videos from the YouTube platform. This news is now doing rounds on social media. We have to wait and see what the police officers are going to do about Karunas’s complaint.

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