The 37-year-old actress discussed breaking up with the 33-year-old rapper now on Alex Cooper’s podcast “Call Her Daddy.

Cooper commented that the two got engaged but later broke up, asking whether that was true or not. Fox answered affirmatively, admitting it was all a blur, but with them and warned him to take input from a more public nature on their relationship.

Fox tells us, reflecting back on it, that they are two people in a relationship for themselves and not for others. She does not dwell on describing her different stages of relationships at the time, but it was obviously pretty obvious she had a deeper connection with Kelly—it didn’t even stop when they broke up. Fox and Kelly started dating in 2020 and subsequently announced their engagement in January 2022. Rumors of a possible breakup began floating around in February 2023 after Fox removed all of his pictures from her Instagram.

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