Tech tycoon Bryan Johnson is defying the anti-aging status quo with an anti-aging lifestyle and claims he has been able to reverse his biological age with Project Blueprint-a program of strict diet, supplements, and therapies.

One part of Project Blueprint, now for sale and priced at $1, is a stack consisting of a drink mix, protein, eight pills, snake oil, 67 potent therapies, and 400 calories-all based on robust clinical evidence.

At just $343 for a month’s supply, Johnson touts the stack as a cost-effective alternative to fast food, likening its benefits to “second only to Mother’s milk.”

The stack is meant to be a supplementation, not a replacement, with Johnson advising users to substitute 400 calories of their daily intake with the Blueprint stack.

A former Silicon Valley executive, Johnson is said to have been tackling issues related to anti-aging and claims to have rolled back his biological clock by over five years, citing improved markers of health. Heavily invested in Project Blueprint are diet, medical oversight, therapies, and exercise.

The fact that Project Blueprint succeeds within this context and network of entities, besides the international body, speaks volumes against “the lack of scientific consensus” regarding its effectiveness, especially with its high annual price tag: $2 million.

Johnson’s product ships to 23 countries, including the USA, Australia, Canada, European nations, and the UAE, making it accessible to the global market.

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