For the first time in a T20 league, players can use the Decision Review System (DRS) to review wide and no-ball rulings. The Women’s Premier League 2023 (WPL 2023) implemented this new feature, and the Indian Premier League 2023 (IPL 2023) will follow suit.

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“A player may request a review of any decision taken by the on-field umpires concerning whether or not a batter is dismissed, with the exception of ‘Timed Out’ (Player Review),” the WPL playing conditions said as per ESPNcricinfo. “A player may also be allowed to review any decision taken by on-field umpires concerning wide or no-ball,” the playing condition added.

The WPL and IPL now allow players to use their two unsuccessful reviews per innings to challenge wide and no-ball rulings, expanding the scope beyond just dismissals. However, leg-bye rulings are still not reviewable. During the first two games of the WPL, Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Giants, and Delhi Capitals players utilized this new feature.

In the tournament opener, Mumbai spinner Saika Ishaque’s wide down the leg side was reversed after a successful DRS review, showing that the ball had briefly touched Monica Patel’s glove. Similarly, Jemimah Rodrigues of the Delhi Capitals requested a DRS review to challenge an on-field umpire’s no-ball ruling for height during a match against Megan Schutt, but the verdict stood after replays and ball tracking.

The IPL has faced controversy in the past over contentious no-ball rulings based on height, with instances involving MS Dhoni of the Chennai Super Kings in a match against the Rajasthan Royals in 2019 and a last-over conclusion between the Royals and Delhi Capitals in the previous season.

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