RCB cricketer Virat Kohli made a big statement on Wednesday (March 29) when he said that he has sold most of his cars after realising they were all impulsive buys. The 34-year-old said this is RCB’s new video posted by the IPL franchise ahead of the season’s first match on Friday (March 31). Kohli said that having so many cars seemed pointless to him after one stage as he barely used them for travel. That is when he decided to keep only the ones he really needed and sold most of them. The former RCB captain also said that most of these cars were bought out of implusion.

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“Most of the cars I used to own were impulsive buys, I ended up hardly driving or traveling in them as well,” he said. “Beyond a point, I was like this is pointless, so I ended up selling most of them and now we only use what we absolutely need to,” said Kohli.

“I think it is also part of growing up and being more aware and mature about things as well,” Kohli continued. “You don’t feel like owning ‘toys’ as such, it is about being practical,” he further sad. 

Not to forget, Kohli recently drove from his Delhi house to the Arun Jaitley stadium in his Porsche Panamera. He has posted a pic of his drive on his Insta story as well. The fans has spotted the former India captain come out of the luxury car ahead of the 2nd Test match in Delhi. 

Kohli will be eyeing a big season with the bat in IPL 2023. He had a forgetabble IPL 2022 where he scored just 2 fifties and just over 300 runs in total from 16 games in the league. The fact that RCB has never won an IPL title will also be there on the back of his mind. It will be interesting to see how Kohli goes about in IPL 2023.

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