As intense rivalries have always formed the core of combat sports, the coming boxing match between Logan Paul and MMA fighter Dillon Danis is not different. But this conflict has, perhaps oddly enough, been fought out through social media platforms with no holds barred.

The fighter, Dillon Danis, with his harsh and controversial criticism of the opponent, Nina Agdal’s fiance, Logan Paul, has set off a storm of drama. The fighter put provocative images of Agdal alongside other celebrities in posts that incited anger. In one post that they tweeted this month, Danis posted a photo of Agadal with Jamie Foxx while making an epithet towards the actor, who recently had health issues. He wrote: “We need to thank Nina for influencing Jamie Foxx to make one of the best hits of all time, Gold Digger.”.

Legal proceedings have thus followed Danis’ controversial tactics, facing backlash for their disrespectful nature. It is thought that Paul sent Danis a cease and desist letter. Danis then challenges Paul in this 12-round boxing match, criticizing him for resorting to legal measures. “I’m proposing 12 rounds in the ring to see if you can face me like a man, but you’re keeping silent. Instead, you’re complaining to the promoters and sending cease and desist letters, coward,” Danis said.

With tensions mounting as the verbal sparring escalates, fans eagerly await Paul’s response to Danis’ challenge, wondering if he will enter the ring to confront his opponent. With the countdown clock to the fight now started, this mounting drama is drawing more eyeballs both to this verbal feud and the upcoming fight. The end result of this tiff remains a mystery; hence, the audience gets intrigued to know who wins in this much-awaited match.

we need to thank Nina for influencing Jamie Foxx to make one of the best hits of all time, gold digger 🙠

— Dillon Danis (@dillondanis) August 16, 2023

I’m suggesting 12 rounds in the ring to test if you can silence me like a man, but you’re staying quiet. Instead, you’re crying to the promoters and issuing cease and desist letters pussy. @LoganPaul

— Dillon Danis (@dillondanis) August 13, 2023

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