A security guard employed at the Eras Tour in Minneapolis claimed he was dismissed for requesting fans to take pictures of him standing in front of Taylor Swift.

Calvin Decker, who admitted that he pursued the security job to attend a Swift concert without purchasing tickets, gained attention after a video of him singing along to Swift’s song “Cruel Summer” during a June show went viral.

Stationed in front of the center stage, Decker explained in a TikTok video that he wasn’t permitted to turn toward Swift. After the first night, he wanted a photo with Swift in the background, so he distributed notes to a few front-row attendees, asking for photos to be texted to him.

In an August update, Decker revealed that the security company, Best Crowd Management, terminated his employment due to a rule against staff taking pictures with performers. The company cited his notes to audience members as a violation, even though the photos were taken from behind the barricade like any fan’s.

Decker claimed he was let go a couple of days after his initial TikTok video, but when he offered to delete the post, the HR representative said she’d respond later. He didn’t hear back for over a month and was then scheduled for work at another concert.

While some managers expressed caution about videos, others gave him a second chance. Decker maintained he prioritized the safety of Taylor Swift and fans throughout the concert.

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