The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) deployed in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has been provided with a ‘Wheeled Armoured Amphibious Platform’ (WHAP) vehicle, designed both for land and water operations. Wheeled Armoured Amphibious Platform’ (WHAP) vehicle is an 8×8 vehicle developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). 

WHAP vehicle has been developed with a focus on ballistic armoured protection and augmented blast resistance. It has a 600-horsepower engine and automatic transmission and has a 7.62 mm Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) for precision targeting. 

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”It has been made in India and is all terrain as it can move on land, water, swamps and higher mountain ranges. The weight of this vehicle is 24 tons and it has a length of 8 metres with a breadth of 3 metres. It is fully bulletproof. It can move in rivers against the waves. It has an automated system in place. It has a remote-control weapon system which has extreme precision while targeting. It can also fire tear smoke shells,” said Shish Pal, CO CRPF. 

The Government of India provided the Indian army with the same vehicle in 2022 for the soldiers deployed in the eastern sector of the Ladakh region. CRPF has become the first paramilitary force to induct the Wheeled Armoured Amphibious Platform vehicle. 

The vehicle is produced as Defence Combat WHAP and is built for tough battle conditions.

The CRPF’s WHAP variant, unlike the Indian army’s Infantry Protected Mobility Vehicle (IPMV), has actual amphibious capabilities as it incorporates water jets.

This addition equips the CRPF to navigate aquatic obstacles providing a tactical advantage. The specific amphibious capability would help the CRPF in operations which are sometimes in swamps, lakes, and lagoons. 

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The Central Reserve Police Force will be provided with six Wheeled Armoured Amphibious Platform’ (WHAP) vehicles in the beginning. CRPF says it will help them in anti-terror operations across the Kashmir valley.  

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