Actress Drew Barrymore was in the midst of a conversation with singer Renee Rapp when an alleged stalker named Chad Michael Busto interrupted and walked onto the stage during one recent New York event, the New York Post reported. In response to this incident, Drew was quickly escorted off the stage by Renee Rapp. As is evident from the video circulating on social media, in which Chad can be heard yelling out Drew Barrymore’s name, she responds with surprise: “Oh my God, yes, hi.” Later on, he says while approaching the stage, “You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York.”

The situation was captured and shared on social media, showing Renee Rapp protecting Drew Barrymore and leading her away from the stage as Chad approached.

This isn’t the first time Chad Michael Busto’s alleged actions have raised concerns. A New York Post report reveals he was previously detained for attempting to locate Drew Barrymore at her Southampton residence.

Drew Barrymore is most associated with such roles in movies as Charlie’s Angels, E.T., and hit romantic comedies like Blended, Never Been Kissed, and 50 First Dates, amongst others. She currently hosts “The Drew Barrymore Show”, a series of talk shows featuring celebrities from different spheres. Besides hosting talk shows, she has also dishonoured her talent through cameo appearances for the likes of A Castle for Christmas (2021) and And Just Like That (season 2).

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