As the release date for Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated film “Jawan” draws near, excitement among fans is reaching its peak. Scheduled to hit theaters on September 7th, the film is already making waves even before its official debut. Reports indicate that “Jawan” has broken records in advance ticket sales, with millions of rupees worth of tickets already sold.

The initial review for the film has emerged, painting a positive picture. Syed Irfan Ahmed, a Twitter user, shared insights about the film’s screening by the censor board. According to his tweet, “Jawan” received high praise from the board, which highlighted numerous hair-raising moments throughout the movie. The response has led to expectations of a box office “tsunami” on its release day.

While the film has garnered positive attention, it wasn’t without a few tweaks. The censor board requested seven major cuts, particularly scenes depicting suicides and beheading bodies, to ensure a suitable viewing experience. The Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara-starrer boasts a runtime of 169 minutes and 18 seconds, which will be slightly reduced to 169 minutes and 14 seconds post-cuts.

The collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara is eagerly awaited by fans, as their palpable chemistry is expected to elevate the screen presence. Adding to the excitement, music maestro Anirudh Ravichandran’s contribution to the film’s soundtrack is anticipated to be a major highlight.

As anticipation builds for “Jawan,” all eyes are on its release to witness whether it lives up to the positive buzz and sets the box office ablaze, both domestically and overseas.

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