On a rain-drenched Sunday, the G20 Summit wound to a close with some endearing images such as Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty sharing a red umbrella that captured the nation’s imagination, though there were also nervous moments for the hosts with water swirling near the Bharat Mandapam.

The day began with the world leaders arriving at a flower-bedecked Rajghat, looking beautiful in a sea of marigolds, to pay their homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Prime Minister Modi welcomed the leaders with a khadi shawl with a cut-out of Gandhi Ashram in the backdrop. A musical tribute featuring favourite hymns of Mahatma Gandhi played at the venue as the leaders laid wreaths. They also planted saplings.

Social media buzz

Given the absence of two high-profile spouses, US first lady Jill Biden, who is recovering from covid and Sophie Gregoire, who is estranged from Justin Trudeau, it was British PM’s wife Akshata Murty who got all the social media attention and everything from her attire, described as Indo-Western fusion to her meeting with young fashion designers, were analysed.

Meanwhile, her husband Rishi Sunak, professed himself charmed to be described as India’s son-in-law, made a trip with his wife to Akshardham temple.


On Saturday, father Nicolas Dias conducted a private mass for US president Joe Biden ,a short 20-minute liturgy, at the end of which the priest gifted Biden the goan sweet bebinca.

As farewells were exchanged, reports also revealed that the visiting dignitaries were presented a brass kamalam (lotus flower) with sixteen petals. A lotus with seven petals was the G20 logo, symbolising seven continents and the seven notes of music to convey the idea of harmony.

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