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  • Mining water on the moon with Starpath Robotics
  • News from Blue Origin, SpaceX and more

Starpath Robotics wants to mine moon water for rocket fuel for off-world colonies

Starpath Robotics has emerged from stealth with an ambitious plan to design, launch and operate machines to mine and refine water for rocket propellant using resources on the moon and Mars.

In-situ resource utilization of water for the purposes of making rocket propellant is not a new idea. Rocket propellant is a mix of liquid oxygen (LOX) and some other combustible fuel, like hydrogen, kerosene or methane. Given that there is plenty of water on the surface of the moon and Mars, people have long speculated that these resources could be put toward making propellant in space — and building a self-sustaining human colony off-world.

Click the link above to read more about how Starpath envisions turning this science fiction into a reality.

Starpath Robotics render; mining and refining moon water

Image Credits: Starpath Robotics

More news from across TC

Concept image of a Dream Chaser craft attached to an inflatable habitat. Image Credits: Sierra Space

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