The suggestion to include Twenty20 cricket in the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles has been “accepted” by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). At its executive board meeting on Friday in Mumbai, the IOC made the decision. The IOC will cast its votes at its “Session,” which is scheduled for October 14–16 in Mumbai.

Cricket’s inclusion in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028 marks a historic milestone for the sport and a testament to its global appeal. The shorter formats, such as T20, bring an exciting and accessible dimension to the Games, catering to a wide audience. The Olympics’ grand stage provides a platform for cricket to unite nations and showcase their skills and passion for the game. This move not only fosters international cooperation but also opens the door for emerging cricketing nations to shine. Cricket’s presence in the Los Angeles Olympics 2028 promises thrilling contests and cultural exchange, solidifying its status as a truly global sport.

“Los Angeles Committee proposed five games which can be the part of Los Angeles Olympics – which include Cricket. EB (Executive Board) will take up the matter in tomorrow’s meeting,” said Kit McConnell, Sports Director, International Olympic Committee at a press briefing in Mumbai. (More to follow)

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