As much of an annual tradition as the royal family’s balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace after Trooping the Color, each new series of “The Crown” hits Netflix. This event sparks a flurry of criticism, with detractors condemning the show as “malicious fiction” and demanding it carry an “inspired by real events” disclaimer.

Oddly, though, the audience appears capable of holding two contradictory ideas: that the show captures the big picture and overarching themes relatively accurately, but the intimate details and private conversations between the queen and Prince Philip are mostly products of creator Peter Morgan’s imagination. Nevertheless, the outrage machine continues to operate.

Since Prince Harry signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix in 2020, critics have mocked him as a hypocrite. They question how a campaigner for privacy and truth can collaborate with a platform spreading a fabricated narrative about his own family. However, Harry has clarified that he doesn’t take issue with the show since it’s fictional. This year, protests against “The Crown” and Harry are expected to intensify due to the inclusion of Princess Diana’s ghost in the final season, where she converses with Prince Charles and the late Queen Elizabeth.

While there’s likely to be opposition from loyal royal circles, a friend of Prince William stated that he would be “totally sickened” by the portrayal of his mother in the show. This renewed controversy may raise questions about Harry’s continued partnership with Netflix, which has ruthlessly exploited the royal family. Despite this, Harry’s collaboration with Netflix will likely remain unaffected, as the royals don’t hold grudges against all content creators associated with an entity that produced content they disliked.

The attempt to distance “The Crown” from Netflix and Harry is understandable, but for Netflix, having Harry and Meghan as well-known figures is relevant to how the show is perceived. The new season offers fresh insights into the royal family’s dynamics, leaving viewers to ponder if “The Crown” has jumped the shark.

“It is not a choice. It is a duty.”
Part 1: 16 November
Part 2: 14 December

— The Crown (@TheCrownNetflix) October 9, 2023

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