The secret of profitable shopping with Reship

The principle of shopping with Reship is very simple: after registration, the service provides you with local addresses in the US, UK, and Canada. You can order products sold in the relevant countries there, as if to your mailbox.

The Reship warehouse is located at the address provided by the company, and its employees will receive the parcel on your behalf. As soon as the goods arrive, you will be notified, and in a couple of clicks you can arrange delivery from a warehouse abroad to your home in India.

Thanks to a virtual mailbox, users are practically unlimited in what products they can order from which sellers. In addition, using Reship services in the USA, you can save additional money, since you can use Portland’s Tax-free shopping.

What can you order via the service?

With the help of Reship, people often order clothes and shoes from brands that are not present in India, including men’s, women’s, and children’s items. Also electronics, branded musical instruments, sports equipment and all kinds of holiday gifts are popular. But the choice of what you can buy is endless.

Using the service, you can place orders on large American marketplaces and from small niche brands that do not deliver their products to India. In addition, even if a popular US brand is represented in our country, it can be more profitable to order its products directly in the USA. For example, this way you will have access to a larger assortment of Adidas sports shoes or lower prices for Apple devices. Buy any product from any American store without having to pay tax and without shipping restrictions.

Your personal virtual mailbox in the UK will give you access to a variety of stores with local British goods delivered only within Europe, outlets of popular brands, as well as great deals on exclusive items from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Canada also offers a variety of unique brands and products, as well as shopping at better prices at the stores of worldwide brands and major marketplaces like Amazon Canada. With Reship you won’t miss out on great deals even if you’re in another part of the world.

Safe delivery

Reship doesn’t just provide clients with a local post office box, but also ensures cost-effective and safe delivery of purchased items to customers’ homes in India.

In each country, the service cooperates with reliable carrier companies. For example, its British warehouses use the services of Royal Mail, Parcelforce, and DPD; in the USA, company employees send parcels via DHL, FedEx, and USPS, in Canada – using Canada Post, UPS, and other trusted carriers. This ensures that your purchases are delivered on time and safely.

You just need to choose one of the delivery options offered on the Reship website – the warehouse staff will take care of the rest.

Additional services that make shopping even easier and more beneficial

In addition to providing a local address and arranging product delivery, Reship helps customers in several other ways.

Firstly, the service allows you to combine several purchases from different stores into one package. Thanks to this, you will save significantly on international shipping.

Secondly, the company helps you correctly fill out documents for customs and gives recommendations so that your parcel can pass customs control without any problems.

And thirdly, if you decide to return the item to the seller, returns can also be made easily through the Reship warehouse. Moreover, for reverse logistics, combining several parcels into one is also available if you need to send several items to the stores at once.

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How to shop with Reship

 Using the service is very simple – you just need to follow a few simple steps via your computer or mobile phone:

  1. Register on the Reship website and log into your account to start comfortable international shopping.
  2. When registering, you will get your own mailbox number at the American, English, and Canadian warehouses. Please note that this is not just an address, but the number of your personal locker, which allows you to store your parcels separately from the belongings of other clients.
  3. Start shopping online at any UK, USA, or Canada store. When placing orders, indicate your Reship mailbox as the delivery address.
  4. After successfully completing your purchase, you need to log into your account on the Reship website and leave a notification that your package should arrive at the warehouse.
  5. Once your item is received by Reship, they will take photos of it, so you can make sure everything is in order. The package will be placed in your personal suite and an email will be sent to you.
  6. Now you need to log into your Reship account to select the delivery option that suits you from a variety of options, from economical to faster ones. At the same time, packages from several stores can be combined into one parcel in order to spend less on shipping.
  7. The service will provide you with the necessary customs documents. Fill them out, following Reship’s recommendations, so that your package passes through customs quickly and without problems.
  8. Having filled in all the data, you just need to pay for delivery here on the service’s website. The warehouse staff will then send your purchases to India using the shipping company you have chosen.

The unavailability of international delivery of the foreign goods you like is no longer an obstacle. With Reship, you can make purchases in a few clicks without any restrictions in any stores in the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada. Order unique products from local brands, save on popular products from global brands, and receive them by mail without any problems.

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