Is this former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant really Aishus boyfriend outside?

Whatever the ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan is found lacking there is no dearth of the romance quotient. Right from the beginning of the show on October 1st, Manichandra and Raveena Daha who are said to be long time real life lovers who are providing the romantic content.

For the past ten days are so Nixen and Aishu two of the youngest contestants seem to be falling for each other and are spending the majority of time together. The young girl from Ooty has even written NXN on her hand while Nixen has drawn a heart to show his feelings.

The duo were even spotted kissing the glass that divided them and the existing contestants and the new ones who have entered on wild card have started teasing them. Aishu meanwhile shared to a fellow contestant that Nixen is following her around and she cannot avoid him in spite of telling him that she has a boyfriend outside. She went on to add that her parents are very orthodox and will not let her inside the house if the romance is projected wrongly on ‘Bigg Boss 7’.

Now netizens have been doing their own investigations and are claiming that the boyfriend outside that Aishu mentioned is also a former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant. According to them the man in question is none other than Niroop Nandakumar. The social media users are pointing at various posts that Niroop and Aishu have liked in the past and are coming to the conclusion on flimsy evidence.

Niroop is far from a novice in the romance department especially with ‘Bigg Boss’ contestants. He had shared about his love and breakup with actress Yashika Aannand and later on ‘BB Kondattam’ actress Abirami Venkatachalam also revealed that she was in a relationship with him and broke up. Now we have to wait and see if Niroop and Aishu are a real life couple or just a figment of someone’s imagination running wild.

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