Second red card issued in Bigg Boss 7? Two evictions this week? - Deets

The ongoing seventh season is one of the most interesting editions of Bigg Boss Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan. Five players are out of the game after the show began with 18 contestants. However, five wild card entries were introduced last week. Anna Bharathi, one of those wild card entries, is reported to be evicted this week.

Now, the breaking news is that another contestant will be evicted this week and it is going to be the second red card elimination of Bigg Boss 7. Vijay Varma was given a red card and evicted from the game earlier after he assaulted Pradeep during a task. The buzz is that Pradeep is given the red card and evicted from the game now.

Star Vijay channel unveiled a promo a while ago which added fuel to the above report. In the promo video, the housemates are seen complaining about Pradeep to Kamal Haasan. Jovika accuses Pradeep is using bad words with the wrong intention and Poornima says that Pradeep is making others feel unsafe. Nixen states that he doesn’t have remorse about talking harshly to others.

Further, Raveena complains that Pradeep has made derogatory comments about her while Vishnu says that Pradeep threatens to use bad words to him. Finally, Manichandra reveals that Pradeep was using the restroom without closing the door to which Pradeep confessed right after. It is almost confirmed that Pradeep will be evicted from BB7 tomorrow.

— Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) November 4, 2023

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