Arpudhan, a notable director in Tamil cinema, has now passed away following an accident. The news of his death came as a shock to the film industry. Many film stars and fans are expressing their condolences over the filmmaker’s death.

Director Arupudhan is the one who introduced choreographer, actor and director Raghava Lawrence as a lead hero in the film, ‘Arputham’, in 2002. Produced by Super Good Films, that film opened a good reception for Raghava Lawrence among the audience. It also starred Kunal, Anu Prabhakar, Livingston, Dhamu, Vaiyapuri and others.

At the age of 52, director Arpudhan met with an accident and was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai. He passed away yesterday at 4 pm while he was being treated in the hospital. He has also directed the Shaam starrer ‘Manadhodu Mazhaikalam’ and Uday Kiran starrer ‘Love Today’ in Telugu.

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