NEW DELHI: A 24-year-old Indian student,

Varun Raj Pucha

, who was stabbed at an Indiana fitness center on October 29, has tragically passed away from his injuries. Varun, who was stabbed in the head by Jordan Andrade, was a computer science student at Valparaiso University.
The university said in a statement, “It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of Varun Raj Pucha.

Our campus community has lost one of its own, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Varun’s family and friends as we mourn this devastating loss”.
Jordan Andrade, the 24-year-old accused, faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery. According to recently filed charges, Andrade claimed that he believed Varun “was going to assassinate” him.
Andrade informed the police that he had never spoken to Varun prior to the attack. However, he claimed that he heard from “someone” that Varun was “threatening.” The police said, “Officers also spoke with Planet Fitness staff who indicated that he (Varun) was a regular gym member and generally kept to himself, was quiet and reserved, nothing indicating that he was ‘creepy”.

Andrade recounted entering the gym’s massage room and encountering Varun, whom he described as “a little weird” and someone he didn’t know, as reported by The Times of Northwest Indiana. He further said that he felt threatened by Varun, leading him to react spontaneously, emphasizing that he “just reacted.”
The accused also claimed that Varun, throughout the incident, remained seated and did not initiate any physical contact. He alleged that the only physical interaction occurred when Varun tried to push him away after Andrade had already initiated the attack. Describing himself as a former high school football player capable of bench-pressing 260 pounds, Andrade characterized Varun as “pretty little.”

Andrade maintained that his actions were in self-defense, presenting himself as a “defensive fighter” who used a knife to eliminate a perceived threat. When asked for more details about the attack, Andrade reportedly provided a vague explanation, stating, “Uh, I just put it through.” The 24-year-old confessed to pulling the knife out of his pocket, mentioning that it was a tool he usually uses for opening boxes at his workplace, Menards.
When interrogated further, Andrade reportedly chose to withhold information, expressing reluctance by stating, “I don’t even want to say it,” as per the police. “It was in the head.”

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