Poornima has fallen in love with this handsome BB7 contestant?

The ongoing ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ is in its 46th day with the past couple of weeks being more interesting due to recent controversies. Coming to the mandatory romance this season there are already two couples filling the quota namely Raveen Daha and Mani Chandra and Aishu and Nixen. However Aishu was evicted last week due to low votes.

The latest promo video of ‘BB7’ hints that Poornima has fallen in love with Vishnu and is seen talking to him directly about it. The actress cum YouTuber is seen seated beside Vishnu and telling him that she likes the way he does things and has feelings for him. The young celebrity then asks the popular television actor to openly tell her if he has the same feelings or not. The clip ends with Vishnu telling Poornima that he has no intention of saying anything negative while at the start he also lets the girl know that his parents are okay with any girl he falls in love with. Also Read : Did Poornima deliberately enter bathroom when Vishnu was inside in ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’

Netizens are commenting whether this is Poornima’s strategy to lure a strong contestant like Vishnu in the name of love to cause his downfall. Some viewers feel that it could be an infatuation or even true love while most are advising Vishnu not to believe in Poornima and fall for her. We will have to wait and watch how this romance plays out on ‘Bigg Boss 7’ hosted by Kamal Haasan.

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