Prince William secured the top spot in the study with an overall score of 9.88. Following closely were Hollywood stars Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, ranking second and third, respectively, in the list.

The study highlighted Prince William’s net worth of 100 million dollars and a height of 1.91m. His online searches for terms like “shirtless” or “naked” amounted to 37,200 annually. He scored 9.91 for “vocal attractiveness” and 8.90 for the “shine factor.”

Further down the list, Hollywood icon Samuel L. Jackson claimed the fourth spot, while Amazon’s Jeff Bezos surprisingly secured the fifth position with a score of 7.12, substantially boosted by his net worth of 145,000 million dollars. Other celebrities featured in the top ten include basketball legend Michael Jordan, WWE star Dwayne Johnson, Hollywood actor Shemar Moore, basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal, and actor Terry Crews, in the sixth to tenth positions, respectively.

Among these individuals, Jordan stood out as the highest-ranked sportsperson. The study noted Jordan’s net worth of 2600 million dollars, a height of 1.98m, a vocal attractiveness score of 9.26/10, and a shine factor of 8.17/10.

The top 10 ‘sexiest bald men of 2023’ based on the study are:

1. Prince William – 9.88

2. Vin Diesel – 8.81

3. Jason Statham – 8.51

4. Samuel L. Jackson – 7.31

5. Jeff Bezos – 7.12

6. Michael Jordan – 7.95

7. Dwayne Johnson – 6.90

8. Shemar Moore – 6.75

9. Shaquille O’Neal – 6.50

10. Terry Crews – 6.32

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