Aishu ADS, who was one of the youngest contestants of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’, was eliminated last week due to low votes from viewers. After a week since that the Ooty based dancer has written a heartfelt letter on her social media page. The highlight is that she has apologized to a few of her co- contestants including Pradeep.

In her apologetic note Aishu said sorry to everyone watching ‘BB7’ for disappointing those who believed in her She conceded that although the show gave her a great opportunity, when thousands of girls like her were waiting for one she had brought dishonor to herself, her family and fellow women.

A part of the long note reads “I have lost respect for myself. I apologize to Yugendran, Vichumma, Pradeep, Archana and Mani who tried to save me from my wrong doings.”

Fans of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ are divided in their opinion about Aishu’s note with some appreciating while others as usual trolling her


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