India have lost the World Cup Final and it’s a fact. In today’s DNA, Sourabh Raaj Jain shared why India being unlucky in the finals is not end of the road and there are many positive things to look at. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was present at the stadium to watch the Cricket World Cup final. In Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Baazigar,’ there’s a dialogue that says… “Those who win despite losing are called ‘Baazigar’.” Team India’s performance throughout this World Cup has led the entire world to call them the heart-winners of the tournament.

The team that consecutively won 10 matches in the World Cup was considered the real contender for the trophy. Team India commenced its victorious journey right from the first match and did not stop until the final. Whether against the current world champions Australia, semi-finalists New Zealand, or South Africa, India dominated each team.

Leaving aside the misfortune of the final, Team India displayed their strength against every team. Our batters didn’t give any respect to the opposition’s bowlers on the pitch. Meanwhile, Indian bowlers dismissed the opposition’s batters like street cricketers.

Indian cricket has matured significantly. Now, after a loss, none of our players are targeted. No one is blamed for the loss in a match. Victory is acknowledged by everyone, and defeat is considered a collective responsibility. This showcases the maturity of Indian cricket.

The fans of Team India will remember the image of the 2023 World Cup as a testament to the team’s magnificent performance. Team India’s fans know that this team had the potential to win the World Cup. They know that this team could defeat any team in the world. However, in cricket, they say that even the best players have their bad days, and sometimes even the finest teams don’t have their day. The 2023 World Cup final was that day for Team India when everything went against the players.

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