Snoop Dogg startled fans by announcing he was ‘giving up smoke’ last week, hinting at quitting cannabis. However, it turns out it was part of a marketing move.

The hip-hop icon unveiled an ad promoting Solo Stove, a smokeless fire pit brand, clarifying that his previous statement referred to enjoying fire pits without smoke-related inconveniences. He didn’t confirm quitting marijuana, and his representatives remained silent, asking for privacy.

Fans felt ‘tricked’ by the announcement, praising it as a ‘clever marketing tactic.’

Snoop expressed his love for outdoor fires but mentioned trouble with smoke until discovering Solo Stove. He’s excited about collaborating with the brand. Solo Stove confirmed him as their new ambassador, announcing a joint release on Monday at 4:20 p.m. EDT, a time linked to cannabis culture. Snoop was seen in press shots blowing smoke, hinting he might not have completely quit smoking.

Initially met with skepticism, fans doubted his claim of ‘giving up smoke,’ speculating it could be a publicity stunt.

Known for his connection to cannabis, Snoop has ventures in edibles, strains, and marijuana-related media. Despite past claims of consuming up to 81 blunts daily, he’s indicated moderation, particularly after becoming a grandfather, altering his lifestyle and habits.

As a father of four, Snoop, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, acknowledged his lifestyle changes as a grandparent. He stressed being mindful of his choices for his grandchildren’s sake.

This change isn’t the first time Snoop’s weed-related habits have come into focus. He’s been involved in platforms like Merry Jane, a lifestyle site catering to weed enthusiasts. His openness about his lifestyle has made headlines, but his recent announcement about quitting smoke seems to be a marketing tactic more than a lifestyle change.

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