In the aftermath of India’s recent ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 defeat under Rohit Sharma’s leadership, discussions are swirling around the future of head coach Rahul Dravid. Former cricketer Gautam Gambhir, a key member of India’s victorious 2007 T20 and 2011 ODI World Cup teams, has weighed in on the matter, expressing his views on Dravid’s tenure and responding to Rohit Sharma’s recent comments.

Gautam Gambhir said “I want to see Rohit Sharma Leading India in the T20 World Cup – Both Virat & Rohit should be picked”. [Sportskeeda]
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Rohit Sharma’s World Cup Remark: A Controversial Utterance

In a surprising turn of events, Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team, made a statement ahead of the Cricket World Cup final that has stirred a bit of controversy. “The way he stood by the players in difficult times, especially during the T20 World Cup… How he reacted to certain situations and informing the players was helpful. He wants to be part of this big occasion, and it’s for us to do it for him,” Rohit Sharma had remarked about Rahul Dravid.

Gautam Gambhir’s Take: Support for Dravid, Critique for Rohit

Gautam Gambhir, known for his straight talk, asserted that Rahul Dravid should be granted an extension as the head coach. “The way India have played in the World Cup, his contract should be renewed automatically,” Gambhir remarked, emphasizing the need for continuity in coaching staff. However, he didn’t shy away from expressing his disagreement with Rohit Sharma’s individual-centric approach, stating, “So Rohit probably shouldn’t have said this.”

Gambhir’s Call for Continuity: Two More Years for Dravid

Gambhir not only advocated for an extension for Dravid but also suggested a substantial tenure. “As far as Dravid’s coaching credentials are concerned, he should be definitely given an extension if he wants to continue. I am very happy with his tenure. And not just for a year but at least two years,” he asserted. Gambhir highlighted the impending rebuilding phase for India and the importance of a stable coaching staff.

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