Can a

personality test

reveal your hidden traits? This image-based personality test going viral on the internet claims to do so. Based on what you see first, you can find out if you have a more positive or negative outlook towards life. So, are you ready to find out? Here we go.


(Image source: infernointel)

Take a quick glance at this image and recognize what you see first. Is it a woman’s silhouette or a man’s profile? Whichever it may be, read on to learn what it says about your personality.

A woman’s silhouette

If you see the woman’s silhouette first, it shows that you are surrounded by

positive energy

. You believe in spreading your positivity to those around you. You will attract many kind souls in your life. The downside is that you may be too sensitive if somebody with a more negative energy comes into your life. However, by reconnecting with your inner goodness and finding strength from it, you can become strong once again.


A man’s face
If you see a man’s face, it may mean that you have a more pessimistic outlook in life. It does not entirely mean that you have negative energies, it can also mean that you like to ensure everything is alright and protected. You might take everything with a pinch of salt and have trust issues. You like to test the people who come into your life so that no one can hurt you.
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