We already brought to you that Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan is carrying out relief activities for the people affected by floods along with his party members. The actor-politician’s statements when he addressed the media yesterday were very defensive in favour of the government.

Now, actress Kasthuri Shankar has criticised his comments defending the government on social media. Kamal said to the media, “The current task is what to do for the people but not to blame the government. It is impossible for a government machine to reach a crore people. Plans should be reviewed with experts so that there is no rain impact in future.”

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Kasthuri responded, “Don’t people have the right to express their grievances? No one wants to complain on purpose. They would want to say thank you. Chennai will not hesitate to say thank you if the government’s actions are as good as its advertising campaign.” Her reply is now doing rounds on the internet.

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