Indhuja breaks silence on why she didn’t interact with Poornima much in Bigg Boss 7

While the Bigg Boss Season 7 is going on in full swing, actors Harish Kalyan and Indhuja visited the Bigg Boss house earlier this month for the promotion of their new movie, ‘Parking’. Poornima said that Indhuja was her best friend in college but the actress avoided her during the visit.

We already brought to you that Poornima was heartbroken because of the same. Now, actress Indhuja has broken the silence and clarified this matter in a press meet for ‘Parking’. She reportedly said, “We went to Bigg Boss house for the promotion of the movie ‘Parking’. Then, Bigg Boss management gave us some instructions.”

“They sent me inside saying that no one should speak in favour of any particular contestant. So, I treated everyone equally without any special attention. Poornima was my best friend in college. For the last 10 years, we will talk for 2 years once. She is a good girl and she is playing well. Her game will be good if she changes a few things,” added Indhuja.


Indhuja finally reveals why she
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