A black velvet gown that Princess Diana wore in 1985 has spun into history, selling for a record-shattering $1.15 million at auction on Sunday. Designed by Jacques Azagury, the iconic dress turned “into a symbol of royal elegance and eternal grace,” said Julien’s Auctions.

Its starry bodice and its ethereal blue skirt, with Diana’s signature shoulder pads, defied predictions, selling for over 11 times its initial estimate. International bidders, who had battled it out at Christie’s South Kensington on the phone and online, competed in over four minutes of bidding extension. Fashion critic Elizabeth Holmes explains, “People remain in awe of Diana and her fashion. She’s a timeless icon.”

And now a record-breaking sale: the fourth and final season of “The Crown” showcases Diana, sparking fresh interest in the princess’s tale. Using fashion as a form of mute speech, Diana wowed audiences and championed her causes by deploying “the power of a picture,” all while silencing her detractors.

The ballerina dress she wore in the mid-80s marks Diana embracing her personal style. With shorter hemlines and bold silhouettes, she redefines royal fashion, which leaves an indelible mark on history. In conclusion, and in light of the above, as said by Ms. Holmes, “This dress isn’t just fabric; it’s a snapshot of a woman finding her voice, one twirl at a time.”

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