Bobby Balachandran’s venture, ‘PDG Universal,’ is making a significant impact in the Tamil film industry. Known as the CEO of a global software product company specializing in data privacy and compliance solutions, Bobby Balachandran has now launched a film production company named BTG Universal.

The debut production under BTG Universal is directed by Ajay R. and helmed by Gnanamuthu. The Tamil horror film, ‘Demonte Colony 2,’ starring Arulnidhi and Priya Bhavani Shankar, is currently in production.

Recently released, the movie’s preview has garnered praise from fans and the film community alike. Bobby Balachandran expressed confidence, stating, “Demonte Colony 2 will be the most beloved horror film of this decade. It surpasses the first part by tenfold.”

Having moved to the US nearly twenty years ago after university, Bobby Balachandran established a successful career in the industry, identifying himself as an entrepreneur. He aims to bring innovative work methodologies to the entertainment sector, drawing from practices of various industries.

Beyond ‘Demonte Colony 2,’ he hinted at several other ongoing projects in the pipeline, including a multi-starrer comedy film directed by Dr. Manoj Beno under BD Universal. While the production nears completion, only a week of filming remains.

Additionally, the company is actively engaged in other creative endeavors, with official details to be announced later.

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