Poornima strongly calls out Bigg Bosss hypocrisy over nicknames - Viral video

Bigg Boss Tamil is currently in the seventh season. This edition is also a blockbuster with new viewership records. The show has reached 85 days and the housemates are getting really competitive as the finale is around the corner. Now, a contestant has condemned Bigg Boss’s behaviour which has caused a stir.

Poornima criticised Bigg Boss for his hypocrisy regarding nicknames in front of other housemates in an unseen video. The clip surfaced over social media today and is going viral. She said that she and other contestants are criticised for nicknaming others but Bigg Boss made everyone wear nickname tags for two days though they don’t like it. She called out this double standard by the showrunners.

“If me calling my fellow contestants with names in bully, then Bigg Boss forcing everyone to wear thos mean name tags is also bully. I apologised for nicknaming Vickram,” said Poornima. She added that Bigg Boss is the person who hurt her most in the game. Maya, Raveena, Archana and Vichithra applauded her for voicing out on that issue. Also, the fans are praising her for doing so.

— Zan (@RakitaMode) December 25, 2023

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