The finale of the acclaimed series “The Crown” marked the end of an era, but recent remarks by actor Dominic West have stirred fresh royal drama. Despite their previous charitable collaboration in 2013, West disclosed in an interview with “Sunday Morning” that he and Prince Harry have lost touch, attributing the estrangement to comments he made during a press conference.

West admitted he hadn’t communicated with Harry before portraying Prince Charles and revealed that an inadvertent comment made during a press conference led to the rift. He vaguely explained that he may have divulged too much when discussing their celebratory activities during their trip to Antarctica years ago.

An earlier quote unearthed by Us Weekly hinted at the possible jest that may have soured their relationship. West had praised Harry’s contribution to their expedition, highlighting his expertise in constructing latrines, including a detailed description of a toilet roll holder within a wind-resistant structure.

It seems Harry did not take the joke well, although he’s acknowledged watching “The Crown” and appreciating its insights into royal life’s challenges. In a previous conversation with James Corden, Harry mentioned finding the series more comfortable than reading speculative stories about his family, noting the depiction of the pressures of duty versus personal life portrayed in the show.

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