Bigg Boss 7: This week evicted contestant revealed - Is it Maya?

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 has almost reached 100 days. Vishnu holds the ticket to the finale. Seven remaining contestants in the house are nominated for eviction this week. Bigg Boss announced the money suitcase and one of them can take it and walk out of the game.

On Thursday, Poornima took the suitcase when it was 16 lakhs worth and left the game. We already informed you that if Poornima leaves, Maya and Vijay Varma are in the danger zone with the least number of votes. But the latest news is that Vichithra will be evicted this time. Notably, she got more votes than Maya and Vijay Varma as per the online polls.

Fans feel that the channel saved Maya and evicted Vichithra unfairly. This is now going viral on the internet. Vichithra played very well in this season and became popular among the audience for supporting Pradeep during the red card issue. However, she faced backlash from the fans over the last few days for her personal attack on other housemates.

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