In a surprising turn of events, a viral video showcasing MS Dhoni indulging in a hookah session at a social event has ignited discussions among cricket enthusiasts. Despite Dhoni’s well-known commitment to fitness, the footage has sparked contrasting opinions within the cricket fraternity. The video, capturing Dhoni celebrating the New Year in Dubai with Rishabh Pant and Bollywood star Kriti Sanon, reveals a side of the legendary cricketer not often seen. Known for his disciplined lifestyle, Dhoni’s casual enjoyment of hookah has left fans both intrigued and surprised.

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Bailey’s Revelations

The revelation gains more context with an old clip resurfacing featuring George Bailey, Dhoni’s former teammate at Chennai Super Kings. Bailey, in a 2018 video by Cricket Australia, shared insights into Dhoni’s unique leadership style during their time together in the Indian Premier League (IPL). According to Bailey, Dhoni organized hookah sessions with young cricketers to foster camaraderie and break down hierarchical barriers between senior and junior players.

Bailey’s Words Unearthed

In the resurfaced clip, Bailey mentioned, “He likes smoking a bit of the sheesha or the hookah. So, he quite often would set that up in his room, and it was very much an open-door policy.” Bailey highlighted how Dhoni’s unconventional approach to team bonding created a relaxed atmosphere, where players freely discussed various aspects of the game.

Cricket Fraternity’s Reaction

The recent video has prompted contrasting opinions within the cricket community. Some find it hard to reconcile Dhoni’s public enjoyment of hookah with his disciplined image, while others speculate that it might be flavoured hookah, emphasizing the casual nature of the social gathering.

Dhoni’s Impact on the IPL

As fans eagerly await Dhoni’s return to the field as the captain of Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming IPL season, this revelation adds another layer to the mystique surrounding the iconic cricketer. Dhoni, who has led CSK to a record-equaling five IPL titles, continues to be a source of fascination for cricket enthusiasts.

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