Bollywood and Hollywood actor, Ali Fazal, is on the brink of creating history as the first Indian actor to join an international action film franchise. The Kandahar sequel, in discussion following the success of the Gerard Butler-led film, may mark a groundbreaking achievement in Ali Fazal’s diverse career.

MUMBAI: Ali Fazal, recognized for his remarkable contributions to Bollywood, Hollywood, and OTT platforms, is poised to make history by becoming the first Indian actor to be part of an international action film franchise. The buzz surrounds the Kandahar sequel, a potential follow-up to the globally successful film led by Gerard Butler.

Sources suggest that discussions are underway for a sequel to Kandahar, and if the plans materialize, Ali Fazal will secure a significant milestone in his career. His portrayal of Kahil in the original film left an indelible mark on both audiences and critics alike. Ali Fazal’s dedication to his role involved rigorous training in dirt biking and executing daring stunts, adding authenticity to the character.

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The prospect of Gerard Butler and Ali Fazal reuniting for the Kandahar sequel promises an exhilarating cinematic experience. Known for creating successful franchises like London Has Fallen, Olympus Has Fallen, and the Greenland series, director Ric Roman Waugh’s involvement adds further excitement to the project.

A source reveals, “Kandahar too ended on a cliffhanger with a prospect of a sequel. Ali was the lead antagonist and will be reprising his role in the sequel. The film will soon start development.” This collaboration showcases Ali Fazal’s global acclaim and ability to navigate the diverse landscape of the film industry seamlessly.

Renowned for his roles in Hollywood films such as Kandahar, Death on the Nile, and Victoria & Abdul, Ali Fazal continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His potential role in the Kandahar sequel stands as a testament to his international success and the expanding horizons of Indian talent in the global entertainment arena.

As developments unfold, Ali Fazal’s participation in this ambitious project not only signifies a personal triumph but also represents a significant step forward for Indian actors in the realm of international action franchises.

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