Tension gripped the government veterinary hospital at Buxi Bazaar in Cuttack when local people thronged the facility and objected to the practice of doctors using prescription papers with the branding of a private medicine store. 

Today, some people spotted that doctors at the government veterinary hospital at Buxi Bazaar were using the papers with the name of a medicine store written on it. 

Infuriated by this practice they asked why such papers supplied by a private medicine store were being used in a government hospital. They demanded that the papers be replaced with the government ones immediately. 

“On the top of the prescription, it is written Government Veterinary Hospital, Buxi Bazaar, Cuttack, and on the bottom, it is written ‘Healing Point’. It is the name of a medicine store located in front of the hospital.  Along with the shop’s name, the prescription also has a PhonePe number and address of the shop,” said Debashis Rout, president of Hindu Sena, Cuttack. 

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When contacted, the hospital authorities acknowledged the issue. 

“It is going on for more than one-and-a-half years. We have been writing to our higher-ups to supply us with writing pads but to no avail. We are forced to use prescription papers from a private medicine store as a stopgap measure.  As we are mandated to put our signature on a prescription, we are doing it with the stamp,” clarified Dr Bikash Ranjan Behera, District Head, Veterinary Hospital, Cuttack.

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