Sara Tendulkar posted a story from her gym session showing off her abs on Tuesday (January 16). The internet session was seen wearing a black sports top and purple tights. She posed for a mirror selfie which also showed off her abs which means Sara is a fitness freak just like her brother Arjun Tendulkar. Recently, Sara garnered attention from a video where she was spotted dancing with her mother, Anjali Tendulkar, on Shahrukh Khan’s famous song “Main Ta Chaleya” from the movie Jawan. The video quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of netizens.

WATCH: Sachin Tendulkar’s Deepfake Video Discussing Sara Tendulkar Goes Viral, Cricketer Urges Strict Action

Checkout the gym session picture here:

Earlier, Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar became the latest victim of deepfake technology, with a manipulated video circulating on social media. The video shows Tendulkar endorsing the gaming app “Skyward Aviator Quest” and falsely claiming that his daughter Sara Tendulkar benefits financially from it. In response, Tendulkar has flagged the fake video, emphasizing the need for vigilance and swift action against the spread of misinformation. (Fact Check: Did Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma Consume Beef At A Restaurant In USA?)

Sara is a medical science student. She is also a big social media influencer who has more than 4 million followers. It is true that Sara got the initial popularity because she is daughter of a legendary cricketer. But she has also worked hard to ensure the fame grew. Sara became a model last year by doing a photo and video shoot for a clothing brand and that video had gone viral on social media. Sara was sharing screen with bollywood actress Banita Sandhu in that video.

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